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Paper Jamz Guitar toy guitar review

Paper Jamz guitar toy a toy guitar that you can play as a real guitar toy review.

Paper jamz is a guitar toy is a musical toy, educational toy and an innovative toy combined. Paper jamz guitars are from a company called wowwee. The Paperjamz guitar is targetted as an childs guitar toy but also an educational toy for boys and girls. Because you can play this toy electric guitar like a real guitar meaning strumming and everything, it can be pretty much a toy for every age groups out there.

If you don't know what is jamz guitar then I will explain it for you. The whole idea of paperjamz is that it is a kids guitar or a guitar for children. This educational toy guitar can be your kids first guitar or his first step guitar on really trying to learn how to play the guitar. This guitar for kids can be strummed like a real guitar and play notes or chords like a real guitar. This is one special toy that be a great gift for christmas or a great toy gift idea. The named paper is also not just a catch on, Paper jam guitar is paper thin and made of paper but it is durable. The notes and strumming are made on top of the graphic but sensitive enough that it feels like it is a real guitar.

Paper jamz guitars has 3 modes. The 3 modes are play mode, rhythm mode and the freestyle mode. in the play mode, if you strum, the whole song plays with you. In the rhythm mode, you will need to time your strumming because the vocals and other musical instruments is apart from your strumming and the third mode the free style is the play what you want mode. Paper jamz guitar is an easy guitar to play especially for kids learning the basics of guitar playing. Paper jamz is a toy electric guitar for children so the in build songs are old and not so old popular rock songs.

Paper jamz is half the size of a real electric guitar but the same look. Paper Jamz guitar also is paper thin making it easier for children to carry. Paper jams guitar has different styles. One looking like a gibson guitar, one that is a flying v and one that looks like a guitar explorer having your kids feeling like a real rock star. While most paper jamz guitar style is suitable for a boys guitar, there are also styles intentended as a girls guitar.

Now on to the paper jamz guitar toy review.

This toy guitar for kids is a hot new toy that will never grow old, educational toys like paper jamz will always be in style because rock never goes old. The paper jamz guitar included songs are real rock songs and not pop songs, you will not hear any backstreet boys or anything in a paper jamz guitar but real rock songs like sweet home alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd which basically means that this is a teen toy and not really suitable as a toddler toy or a young kids toy. Even teens especially mainstream music fans will not know the songs included in the paper jamz because some songs are even older than they are. The strumming is perfectly done but the notes/chords of the paper jamz is a little bit misleading. Even if you can change notes by the frets, they have the same exact synthesizer/effect making less suitable to most songs. You can not also do slides, hammer on, and other electric guitar moves on this paper jams guitar. This paper jamz guitar is an educational toy but not to be pushed as an alternative to a real electric guitar.

Here is a paper jamz video of how to make your paper jamz work.

Wowwee has a more upgraded version of the paper jamz guitar which is the paper jamz guitar pro.

The Paper Jamz guitar pro basically is the same as your original paper jamz guitar but with some awesome added features. The paper jamz guitar pro has a whammy bar, an acceleromter so you can shake your guitar giving it a different sound, you can do pull offs, hammer on, sliders, palm mutes and even tapping or guitar string tapping. The notes given of is much more crisp and clearer then the original paper jamz guitar but the price of the paper jamz guitar pro is a little bit more expensive or double the price to be exact.

Here is a paper jamz guitar pro video on some of the features and also an instructional video on how to use your jamz guitar pro.

While the paper jamz guitar has an included black strap, you can change your paper jamz guitar strap to a one that is more colorful and exciting. There are several peper jamz guitar strap styles to choose from. And because paper jamz guitar feels like a real electric guitar, it also has an acceossry which is a paper jamz amp. The amp is like a real amp that amplifies the sound making the sound louder. their are also paper jamz amp styles to choose from.

Here is paper jamz video of an advertisement they have done.

Paper jamz guitar is an excellent toy for christmas and one of the top christmas gift ideas people have to give to their kids. Paper jamz can be bough on their online toy shop in amazon and in some cases paper jamz is a free shipping toy. Buy amazon products because amazon is a reliable online store. Why not buy your own paper jamz guitar and create your own paper jamz chords for your guitar.

Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX mini Rc toy review

Air hogs hyperactives mini Rc with plastic roll bars and can trabel 20 mph from air hogs new toy review

Air hogs is a company that is known for making RC toys. The RC toys that air hogs makes ranges from remote controlled airplanes, radio controlled cars, rc ufos and ofcourse RC helicopters which is the RC toy product they are widely known for but Air hogs do occasionally build RC toys that are not flying or not traditional which a good example is the air hogs radio controlled plane that has a built in camera on it( but lets talk about that Rc toy later). So they have released air hogs hyperactives RC which is one of the hottest toy this christmas and one of the best toys gift for christmas.

Lets first look at the air hogs hyperactives rc mini first. This rc toy is not really a model Rc. A model RC is a mini toy Rc version of a real car which the most model Rc cars I always see are drifting Rc cars like hondas, F1 rc cars and sometimes everyday cars like a van. This air hogs hyper active toy looks like a buggy Rc toy that you can use outdoors. The size of this RC car is small compared to your traditional remote control cars but not small enough that you can close easy close your fist to mask the car as you can in most normal or traditional mini-rc cars. This small rc fits comfortably in your palm if you are an adult or have really big hands for a kid. The first thing you would see with an hyperactives RC car is that plastic thing that is on a loop on top your your mini rc car. That is the roll bar air hogs made so your hyperactives RC will not top over. This is a great innovation and a great feature for an Rc because most outdoor Rc cars even the regular ones or the more expensive RC cars, tend to top over when the road is bumpy and they are speeding fast. The air hogs hyperactives roll over is a great feature for those that is having a hard time controlling their rc car. The only roll bar Rc that I have seen so far. This mini rc air hogs car have suspension on the rear axle but not that much in the front axle. There is a small hole where you will plug the cable so it can be charged near the middle of your mini rc car.

The Rc controller that air hogs will give you for their air hogs rc is a pistol remote controller and not the traditional square Rc controller. This remote control for your C needs 6 AA batteries. The traditional RC control wheel in pistol remote rc controllers are their but The air hogs remote control have a variable trigger which the mini Rc will go half speed if you push the trigger halfway. meaning that you have absolute control of your RC car in terms of how fast you want your RC car to do.  Their is also a small knob that you can change the maximum speed your air hogs mini rc car can do. The knob can change your mini rc to fast to the fastest. Their is also a adaptor wire where you can charge your RC. This air hogs Rc remote controller have a good transmitter that you can control your RC even in the 100 ft range.

This hyperactive rc car main point is that it can travel as fast as 20 mph or 32 kmh. That is fast for an Rc let alone a Mini RC toy car. Another point is that it will not topple over meaning maximum fun playing your air hogs car toy. Air hogs will also give you extra four tires for your hyperactives Rc that is recommended to be used indoors.

Here is the air hogs hyper actives commercial.
You can in the video that it can travel in the dome which is hard for any traditional RC toy car. Basically means that this mini rc is fast.

Main feature of this toy RC car Air hogs hyperactives:

small RC or mini RC car
can be both used as an outdoor Rc car or an indoor Rc car.
20 mp/h or 32 km/h for a mini-RC
roll bar meaning that this mini RC car cannot topple over.

Now to the toy review,

Air hogs hyperactives is a great RC toy to play with. I can say that this is one of the best toys out there and the best new hot toy out there. The air hogs hyperactives is a new toy that can be a great gift for christmas. It can also be a best remote control for kids because it is durable enough to take hits and cannot topple over because of the roll bar feature. The speed that it promotes is true, this mini-rc can travel that fast. This remote control car toy is the fastest I have seen and I have used for the size and the price for it.

Their are some drawbacks for this air hogs RC toy though, the battery is lacking. The battery inside the RC is fast charging( 30 mins or 1 hr) but you can only use this RC air hogs car for 20 minutes or 30 minutes max. Which is the only drawback for this mini-RC and a drawback for battery powered RC cars out there.

Air hogs is a great RC toy car to play with. You can buy this mini-rc toy car in any hobby store out there or buy this Rc car in an online store where it is more accessible. The air hogs hyperactives is in amazon for $39.99. Buy in amazon because it is a safe online store.

Here are some stunts for the air hogs hyperactives
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