Friday, September 30, 2011

Angry birds build your own destructable level in real life

Because of the popularity of angry birds, there are a lot of products being made for this game. There are now angry birds plushies, angry bird accesories and now even your own angry birds slingshot toy.

This rovio angry birds toy is made by a toy company called mattel which is one of the biggest toy companies in the world. This angry bird toy may not be your traditional building blocks toy where you would make a small building or a small house. This angry bird build toy is a toy where you can make your own playable angry birds level that you can customize of your choosing and throw angry birds just like in the game.

This kinds of build a toy is one that is a perfect match for angry birds because just like in the angry birds video game, you can build your own fort or building then place your angry bird pigs inside and use the slingshot provided with this toy to slingshot the small angry birds pieces also included with this toy.

The angry bird slingshot provided with this set is a little bit strong so you may need to just pull it a little bit and not to the max.

The blocks given to you are not the wooden building blocks but plastic making them more durable in the long run. The small angry birds piggies are a little bit rounded making it harder to stand up. This set of angry birds slingshot toys are a little bit lacking. There only a few number of blocks given and an even less number of angry bird pigs given. You will need more or less 3 or 4 sets to really enjoy building your own angry bird level and destroying them

Angry bird construction toys like this that are interactive and playable are more entertaining then the more popular angy bird plushies.

I personally played them a couple of times and made my own angry birds levels on real life. or copied some levels on the angry birds game. Here is a image of it.

You can even see my dog in the background  and her favorite angry bird plush toy with the video in one of my older post.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Angry Birds Plush toys

For a brief history of gaming or in this case smartphone gaming, Angry birds is one of the most popular and most known games in the world. The appeal of beating round piggies in their houses, towers, buildings or forts by using a similar rounded animal but a bird because of this popularity, there has been angry bird pencils, angry bird sharpeners, angry bird shirts, angry birds toys and now angry birds plush toys. While this rovio the company made angry birds just develop games, they are now making toys that was inspired because of their video games.

While the angry birds rovio game is now in android, iphone, symbian and now there are even rovio pc games but the angry bird plush toy is a little bit harder to find. This custom plush toy is only being made by some small manufactures with small factories so angry birds plush toys are a little bit hard to come by. They can be found in some collectible toy shops or some toy shops that have an interest in this kinds of toys but it is a little bit easier to find the angry bird plush toys in an online store like amazon. In amazon, there are some toy makers that has some angry bird plush toys for sale that are cheap but some are also a little bit expensive.

 The pigs and the birds angry bird toys may not be your traditional animal plush toy but they still have an appeal especially to small children and they have no small parts like other plush toys like the teddy bear so they can still be used as a baby toy but mostly as a toy collector's toy.

I have my own review of those angry birds plush toys and for me, they are a little bit expensive but cheaper than the first time they have come out. The angry bird plush toy that I have which is the king pig does really look like the king pig in the angry birds game. They are absolutely a must buy toy for gaming fans, or angry birds fans.

I have unfortunately given that plush toy to my dog which she now really likes and does not want to give up. Here is a video of it so you can see it for your self.

Why not get your own stuffed angry birds plush toys.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flying Clownfish RC

This is a review of the air swimmers helium RC toys by william mark corporation. I have reviewed the flying shark toy of the air swimmers but now I will talk about the other helium toy of air swimmers which is the clownfish RC.

Check this remote controlled flying fish in amazon.

The clownfish flying rc is a little bit tamer looking than the shark toy RC but it has more appeal especially to small children especially if you want your own flying RC nemo just like in the Pixar movie finding nemo but in this case, flying nemo lol. The controls, the movements of this propeller-less RC is the same as with the shark flying RC and the only thing changed is the shape of the fins and ofcourse the color used for the clownfish RC. And just like the shark, this is a helium RC and not an RC blimp because it uses its fan to hover and this uses gas in this case helium.

But personally I prefer the shark flying RC than the Rc clownfish toy because it looks more sinister kinda like the shark in Jaws the movie. I am already imagining having my own Flying jaw Rc toy to play with.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flying Shark RC toy Air Swimmer line

This new flying shark RC toy has been buzzing around the web because people playing with it and uploading videos in youtube of this flying shark RC toy while they are playing with it. One video in particular is the flying RC shark toy startling a cat when the cat was touched by the RC. The video also shows a clownfish like the fish in the movie finding nemo.


These RC are from a company called william mark corporation that is still a new up and coming company. They are not that big as tamiya that has makes a variety of toys that can range from RC toys to toy models.

These Remote controlled toys are in a line of toys that is called air swimmers. Air swimmers toys comprised the inflatable flying shark RC toy and the flying RC clown fish and some other Flying RC toys but not the traditional  flying RC toys like RC planes or RC aeroplanes, RC helicopters nor mini RC helicopters.

This flying inflatable shark radio controlled Toy is really sinister but awesome looking. It has  an attitude of its own especially when it is flying in the air. From the videos being shown in youtube, the shark really looks like a shark and not cheaply drawn but unlike RC aeroplanes where you can paint them or choose a design you like for example an RC to look like a spitfire in air swimmers, you cannot do that because the way the body is made is that it resembles a fish and nothing else.

This flying RC toys does look like an RC blimps that I have seen in the past but unlike the RC blimps which uses powerful propellers to make it float in the air and propel it forward, air swimmers flying shark toy uses helium which is the same gas being used in balloons to let it float in the air. While it may be hard to know exactly how much helium to put in, there is a video that this company has released and how to know how much to put in.

To control this flying RC, you need to use the tail fin to propel it forward. I don't know if you can "reverse" but from the looks of it you can't. One thing that this Flying RC has an advantage of against traditional RC planes and RC helicopters is that you will not have a hard time maneuvering it in the air because it is already floating. Maneuvering is really a problem especially those indoors mini RC helicopters that are popular right now.

The controls for this flying fish RC toy is a little bit cheap. It is like a knockoff from a cheap RC controllers that are made for china made Rc toys. While traditional mini RC helicopters and mini RC planes have a charger built in the controller, this remote controlled toy needs 4 batteries. One for the RC itself, and 3 for the battery. I find that this RC toy does not need an RC battery charger because it uses less electricity or power than those RC helicopters and airplanes because it is already gliding or floating in the air.

This RC is really fun and easy to pick up than traditional RC flying toys you have played before. The helium might be a little hard to acquire because in some countries like my own, you need a licensed store to sell them. Fortunately, balloons shops are authorized to use helium.

This flying Shark toy needs a little pre-assembly but they have released a instructional video on how to assemble your Flying fish RC.

You can get them in amazon.
Link for the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark
link for the Flying Clownfish RC toy.
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