Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Star Wars Hailfire Droid RC Or The Star Wars The Clone Wars Radio Control Hailfire Droid

The star wars hailfire droid rc or the star wars the clone wars radio control hailfire droid is a star wars rc of a star wars republic vehicle which is the hailfire droid.

As a star wars fan, I am fond of looking at star wars toys and star wars memorabilia. While most star wars toys and memorabilia cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, the new hasbro star wars rc collection will only cost you a few dollars and one of those new star wars rc is the star wars hailfire droid rc.

The rc hailfire droid remote control toy is more a rc tank than a rc toy car as I personally perceived at first. First this rc car with a gun can shoot missiles that you can control with a button on the controller. It also has a weird control that you need to control the 2 wheels independently. With this kind of weird control, I know that it will be a challenge to control this radio control hailfire droid but with the benefit of a higher manueverability than toy cars. I have also seen that it is quite fast even if it is a little bit bulky and heavy than most traditional remote control cars.

The star wars rc hailfire droid and hasbro also included a clone soldier but its a little bit weird looking unlike those separate clone soldier figurines you can buy. The inner box itself can be used as a backdrop for targets of the projectiles you will shoot with your star wars hail fire droid rc. And there are even extra plastic missiles included in the box in case you would be missing some in the future. The only drawbacks I have seen with this hailfire radio control toy is that it needs 9 batteries and uses them up quickly. I recommend buying rechargeable batteries with this star wars hailfire droid rc toy.

A new star wars rc that is a great buy and I find great is the star wars hailfire droid rc.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Remote control or The Millennium Falcon Rc

Star wars millennium falcon remote control or the millennium falcon rc that is a new star wars toy or specifically a star wars rc that is totally different from the usual star wars toys I have seen.

I was looking around the toy shop and I was amazed to see a millennium falcon rc or a remote controlled millenium falcon toy being sold. I normally see new star wars toys being offered in toy shops but the usual star war toys I see are those star wars lego sets, star wars vehicles, star wars action figures and ofcourse the most sought after star wars toy is the star wars toy lightsaber. But they have released the rc millennium falcon because of the recent popularity or rc toys or specifically rc toy helicopters.
As a fan of rc flying toy myself, I am intrigue enough to buy this new radio controlled millennium falcon star wars toy for myself. After getting it out of the box, it does looks like a normal rc toy helicopter that has somehow been modified to include the shape and the appearance of the millennium falcon han solo uses on the star wars movies. And there are 2 different kind of the millennium falcon rc and the only difference is the color.

It is really not a bad thing but I can see that this hasbro star wars millennium falcon has been made quickly that it is not even that streamlined which would make it hard to fly. With not being streamlined and flying it for the first time, my notion that the design for the hasbro flying millennium falcon is quickly designed is correct. The only thing that makes your millennium falcon remote control is the dual propeller. The dual propeller in most rc toy helicopters would make them more stable in the air but the rc millennium falcon rc has no tail rotor making it harder to fly straight. There is also a problem of wobbling with this millennium falcon rc which in my opinion caused by air being trapped in the closed propeller system. But with little experience, I know I can fly this star wars millennium falcon radio control toy straight.

It is still a good toy to have because it is different from the usual star wars toys you have seen but in most cases, you cannot do your own kessel run.An rc toy helicopter that is a real star wars rc is with the star wars millennium falcon remote control toy or the millennium falcon rc.

Star Wars Millennium falcon remote control review

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leapfrog Scout A Wonderful Toy For Toddlers

Leapfrog scout or the leapfrog little scout with having an official name of leapfrog twinkle twinkle little scout is a new wonderful toy for toddlers.

I often remember seeing pictures of my old toys when I was a toddler and a child and how I see that they are just simple toys that are made of plastic and can only do one thing. I often see a plastic rattle I am always holding when I was a kid and those plastic musical instruments like the xylophone or the small piano. While I wonder if those old toys for toddlers have amused me when I was a child, I did wonder what kids have for their toys now and have discovered the leapfrog scout.

The leapfrog scout or the leapfrog little scout is this cute small dog toy that is leaning on his side and on his way to sleeping. With this new toy, I was amazed on how toys changed this past decades and can’t seem to wonder what does this new toy for babies do even if the salesman is giving me weird looks because of me touching a toddler’s toy and holding it near my ear to hear the sounds emanating from this toy.

The first thing I did notice with this dog stuffed toy for toddlers is that the music is a little bit complex to be a toy for 1 years old in my opinion because the songs are learning how to count with their fingers but what I really like with this toy is that there are lullabies and soothing sounds which the salesman described this toy as a toy for sleeping for kids. I also like how their is a small soft blinking light when the songs are playing. I can imagine that this blinking light would make a baby sleep faster.

The salesman also told me that this toy has another style which the only difference is the color. The leapfrog little scout is colored green while the leapfrog little violet is colored violet. I guess this is for parents to make a choice if the colored green is to manly or the violet too girly.

With my experience seeing this kind of toys for toddlers I did do wonder if in the near future, they will make toys more advanced than the leapfrog scout.
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