Monday, March 26, 2012

Radio Control Rat A remote control Toy

Radio control rat is a new remote control toy that can be used for pranks or a remote control mouse cat toy.

The radio control cat toy is part novelty, tricks and a remote controlled mouse cat toy. The radio controlled rat is a novelty toy because it is normally used on special occasions unlike other remote control toys that can be used all the time. The remote controlled rat can be used for pranks because there are people that have a fear of rats or fear of small animals like rats. It can also be used as a remote control mouse cat toy for those that have pet cats.

The remote control rat does its job well as a novelty toy. The rat remote control can be used for reenactments, as props or other events that you would need a remote control mouse in your disposal. I have seen other remote control toys being used as an attraction on conventions and the remote controlled mouse toy would not be an exception.

The rat rc can be used for tricks. While tricksters has always have the trusty rubber rat to be used for tricks, it would be better if you would use a toy that can both hide your presence because of being a radio control rat and one that is the same size as a real rat which would easily fool your trick victims.

The remote control mouse toy for cats. Cats sometimes need to be played with or they get cranky or anxious. Sometimes you will need to use strings and other cat toys that will drain your cat’s energy but yours as well. So the radio control rat would be the solution for your problem. Just by using the remote control of your remote control mice, your cat will have its fun while you just relax on the couch or the bed. The radio control cat has many uses for those that are looking for a good new remote control toy.

A remote control toy that can be used as a novelty toy, for tricks and for a toy for cats is only with the radio control rat.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remote Control Cockroach | Remote Control Roach Toy

Remote control cockroach toy that can be used as a prank toy or a trick toy.

I first found out about the remote control cockroach toy when I found out that there are remote control animals being sold and some toy stores also included remote control insects in that mix.

The first time I have seen the rc roach, I was a little bit doubtful that they will create a rc cockroach toy that will look like a realistic cockroach and one that is more appropriate for kids than be used by everyone. But when I have seen the remote controlled cockroach laying there on the ground, I can feel that this remote controlled roach will fool some or most people if it is just laying there on the ground. I can attest to this because even if I have handled other insects before, I am still afraid of cockroaches for some reason. What the cockroach they copied for the remote control cockroach is the american cockroach that is the most commonly known and most popularly known cockroach in the world. The radio controlled cockroach is a little bit bigger than the real thing but it is still small enough that some will be fooled by it.

What I like with the remote control cockroach toy is that it has a function where it will stop for a couple of seconds then run in random directions. This will be great feature if this will be used as a cockroach prank toy or be used as a toy for pets to be mesmerized with. The toy cockroach remote control toy in terms of controls is just like any car rc toy out there. It has the four directional buttons of any rc toys that you might have played before. This is a great thing to have for the maneuverability of the toy.

But aside from being a prank toy, the only other use for this remote control cockroach is to be a novelty toy because you can really do much else with this toy than just make it wander around and hope that someone will get scared or be fascinated with your toy. But in my opinion, the toy pretty much lives up to the price and the features it promised so I think it is worth it to have your own remote control cockroach.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Animal Planet Remote Control Spider

The Animal planet remote control spider toy is one of the few new remote control toys that I find interesting and exciting because I can find numerous possibilities on how this toy will be used unlike your normal rc toy cars that you will just use to drive and race around.

The spider remote control toy from animal planet have created 2 versions that are based on two different spiders. The first version they created is the black widow animal planet remote control spider. The real black widow spider and the spider rc is an all black spider that have long legs. They say that the black widow spider is one of the most lethal poisonous spiders out there. While the black widow remote control spider toy is true in appearance to the real spider, the size is different and the remote spider rc is at least 100 times bigger than the real spider.

The second version is the animal planet radio control tarantula. This rc tarantula spider toy is true in appearance and in size to the real spider. As some knows, the remote controlled spider and the real tarantula can get as big as a large dinner plate so the radio controlled spider is true in size with the real spider. In terms of color, I can say that the color used is close enough when compared to the real spider.

What I like about these rc spiders is that when it moves, the legs also moves. This makes the spider rc appear as if it is crawling. The legs movement does not look in random at all and moves in sync on how the rc spider moves. This is a great cool feature to have because it makes the toy look realistic. Unlike other remote control spider toys, the animal planet remote control spider toys is the only ones that have the left and right button. This makes mobility and maneuverability easier than other radio control spiders that does not have this function.

What I like with this remote control animal toys like this rc spider is that you can use it for pranks or for reenactments. There is a video of a man using a rc spider to scare his sleeping friend.

Aside from being used for pranks and reenactments, the remote control spider toy can be used as a toy for pets. As a pet lover myself, my pets are always intrigued and fascinated when I use my remote control toys and I know that they will also be fascinated with the remote control spider.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Remote control Ant Rc A Remote Control Toy Animals

The remote control ant rc toy is a remote control toy animals that is based on the movie Indiana Jones crystal skull. The ant or the remote control ant in that particular movie is huge and can eat humans by swarming them by numbers.

When I have first found out about the ant remote control toy, I wondered why would anyone would have an idea to create a rc ant toy to be your first remote control toy which in this case the first Indiana Jones remote control toy. But as I remembered all the Indiana Jones movies, they are mostly regular vehicles, ships, planes that may not stand out if they have created them instead of the giant rc ant. The ant remote control did stand out of other remote control toys because this is the first remote control ant toy in the history of toy ants.

At first glance, the Indiana Jones ants rc is bigger than your usual ant but it is because it has the same size as the giant ant in the movie. The remote control ant rc is perfectly shaped and designed to look like a real ant. The paint used and the shaped plastic body is really done well that it has a realistic animal toy feel to it. The mouth of the and rc moves automatically while it is moving which added realism to the whole toy.

In terms of being a remote control toy, the ant rc toy will give you a crystal skull shaped remote control. It has 2 buttons, the first one moves the ant rc forward, and the other button is the turn button. The remote control ant is still use small wheels for movement and directional controls but unlike other small remote control toys, this toy can be used on rough surfaces.

What I like about this toy is that the mandible movement and how it moves while moving really makes it more realistic that it does look like a giant ant moving on the ground. I think it would be fun to reenact the Indiana Jones ant scene if i have several remote control ant rc.
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