Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remote Control Cockroach | Remote Control Roach Toy

Remote control cockroach toy that can be used as a prank toy or a trick toy.

I first found out about the remote control cockroach toy when I found out that there are remote control animals being sold and some toy stores also included remote control insects in that mix.

The first time I have seen the rc roach, I was a little bit doubtful that they will create a rc cockroach toy that will look like a realistic cockroach and one that is more appropriate for kids than be used by everyone. But when I have seen the remote controlled cockroach laying there on the ground, I can feel that this remote controlled roach will fool some or most people if it is just laying there on the ground. I can attest to this because even if I have handled other insects before, I am still afraid of cockroaches for some reason. What the cockroach they copied for the remote control cockroach is the american cockroach that is the most commonly known and most popularly known cockroach in the world. The radio controlled cockroach is a little bit bigger than the real thing but it is still small enough that some will be fooled by it.

What I like with the remote control cockroach toy is that it has a function where it will stop for a couple of seconds then run in random directions. This will be great feature if this will be used as a cockroach prank toy or be used as a toy for pets to be mesmerized with. The toy cockroach remote control toy in terms of controls is just like any car rc toy out there. It has the four directional buttons of any rc toys that you might have played before. This is a great thing to have for the maneuverability of the toy.

But aside from being a prank toy, the only other use for this remote control cockroach is to be a novelty toy because you can really do much else with this toy than just make it wander around and hope that someone will get scared or be fascinated with your toy. But in my opinion, the toy pretty much lives up to the price and the features it promised so I think it is worth it to have your own remote control cockroach.

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