Friday, March 16, 2012

Remote Controlled Snake/Radio Controlled Snake Toy Review

A review of the Remote controlled snake toy which is the uncle milton radio control snake.

The remote control snake is still using wheels for movement rather than the muscle contraction that real snakes uses. While the radio control snake still uses wheels, the wheels are small and hidden when it is running on the ground because of the low silhouette of the toy. The remote controlled snake mimics the movement by moving the lower part of the toy left to right. With this movement, the radio controlled snake is realistic enough that people may mistake it as a real moving snake. Like other remote control toys, rc snakes can be controlled by using a controller. It also has a reverse function which you will not see with real snakes and the normal forward, left and right controls. There are also different designs for the rc snakes. Some looks like a typical fruit snake while some looks like the poisonous snake variety. What I am a little bit disappointed is that there is no remote control rattlesnake to play with but the current designs are also great.

I am a little bit glad that I have discovered the uncle milton rc snake. Now my collection will include radio control animals and the first toy included in that collection is the remote controlled snake.

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