Monday, March 19, 2012

Remote control Ant Rc A Remote Control Toy Animals

The remote control ant rc toy is a remote control toy animals that is based on the movie Indiana Jones crystal skull. The ant or the remote control ant in that particular movie is huge and can eat humans by swarming them by numbers.

When I have first found out about the ant remote control toy, I wondered why would anyone would have an idea to create a rc ant toy to be your first remote control toy which in this case the first Indiana Jones remote control toy. But as I remembered all the Indiana Jones movies, they are mostly regular vehicles, ships, planes that may not stand out if they have created them instead of the giant rc ant. The ant remote control did stand out of other remote control toys because this is the first remote control ant toy in the history of toy ants.

At first glance, the Indiana Jones ants rc is bigger than your usual ant but it is because it has the same size as the giant ant in the movie. The remote control ant rc is perfectly shaped and designed to look like a real ant. The paint used and the shaped plastic body is really done well that it has a realistic animal toy feel to it. The mouth of the and rc moves automatically while it is moving which added realism to the whole toy.

In terms of being a remote control toy, the ant rc toy will give you a crystal skull shaped remote control. It has 2 buttons, the first one moves the ant rc forward, and the other button is the turn button. The remote control ant is still use small wheels for movement and directional controls but unlike other small remote control toys, this toy can be used on rough surfaces.

What I like about this toy is that the mandible movement and how it moves while moving really makes it more realistic that it does look like a giant ant moving on the ground. I think it would be fun to reenact the Indiana Jones ant scene if i have several remote control ant rc.

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