Friday, March 9, 2012

Board games and Card Games seen in the Big Bang Theory Tv Show

games, card games and board games seen in the big bang theory tv show.

Big bang theory is one of the current tv shows that I additively watch. The big bang theory tv show is about how 4 nerds go about their daily lives and how they interact with the people they meet like Penny who is the girl living across their apartment. They are usually seen watching tv, eating dinner, playing video games and ofcourse board games. here are some big bang theory board games you can see them play in that tv show.

The settlers of catan is the board game you see in the big bang theory that have hexagonal partitions on the board game. This board game was used on the show as the scene where Sheldon is saying some sexual innuendos while playing this board game but does not seem to notice it.

The next board game played in the big bang theory show is the Talisman. The talisman board game on the big bang theory is the one where there are cardboard paper pieces on the board game that have various drawings on them. Drawings like knights, monsters and such. The talisman board game was used as a backdrop or the starter of the conversation on the big bang theory show.

Jenga was also seen being played in the big bang theory tv show. Just like the talisman it is used as the conversation starter on one scene on that tv show.

Amy Farrah Fowler urges BFF penny and Bernadette to play the game Twister when they were having a little party at the apartment of Penny. It is also the scene when Bernadette said that she is bad at this game because she is small.

The next board game seen in the Big bang theory tv show is the Dungeons and Dragons game. It is seen in the first few minutes of an episode where Raj is eating ice cream and is feeling a little bit lonely.

3 Person chess is a board game that Sheldon invented in one episode but with my sleuthing, there is already a 3 person chess being sold in the market.

3D chess as seen being played by Sheldon and Leonard is also not an original board game created solely for this tv show. The 3d chess shown in the big bang theory show is in fact a star wars tri-dimentional chess that is also being sold in toy stores.

Klingon boggle is one game that sheldon has created but he just used an ordinary boggle board game and pasted some klingon alphabets on the cubes.

There are also some other games they have played in the big bang theory. One good example is the Age of conan mmorpg is especially seen in the episode where Penny is addicted to online games. Wow or world of warcraft online was the game played when Howard said the phrase: “I am the sword master!” There is also the more difficult version of rock paper scissors which is the rock paper scissors lizard spock. Here are some games played in the big bang theory which would make you feel like you are one of them.

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